‘Recognising the face of Jesus in every person’.

Acknowledging the difference to better restore the dignity of child of God.

Cté de Brobo

Communauté de Brobo

The International Day of people living with a disability is celebrated each year on the 3rd of December. Did we have a thought or a prayer towards them? By the way, before having in mind or celebrating someone, we’d better acknowledge his existence.

The real recognition of disabled people passes through the acceptance of their differences and the restoration of their dignity as child of God.

Hand in hand for this celebration

The ‟Daughters of JESUS” in Brobo, Cote d’Ivoire, acknowledged the differences of the disabled by opening a centre called ‟Mother of Mercy”. They offer to children and young people living with a handicap the opportunity to learn, to be acquainted with tJeuxhe daily life realities and especially to develop their skills. Thus, in order to mark this day, they organized an outing at the Saint John the Baptist Parish, located at Ahoungnansou, a quarter in the city of Bouake (25 km from Brobo) and the United Nations in Ivory Coast supported this outing by providing a bus for the conveyance of the residents. They all came to attend the Sunday mass with the Christian community. Father Francis, priest of the aforementioned parish, in his exhortation invited the Christians to welcome and help people living with a handicap as they are also human beings, created in the likeness of God and therefore beloved sons of God

‟Happy are the eyes which witnessed what you see”


What a pleasant surprise after the mass!

Sisters Pauline Nkoy, Madeleine Menier, Estelle Koffi and the other instructors of the centre accompanied the disabled according to their area of intervention: deaf-mute singing, speaking and reading, the invalid dancing, the blinds elaborating peace of works; also sketch and fashion show with clothes sewn by them. It was wonderful: blessed is the name of the Lord! This celebration rich in symbols ended with a fraternal meal.

Tableau d'accueil du centre

What we learned amongst those symbols is the manifestation of the Lord to people living with a handicap particularly on this first Sunday of Advent.

May God through Mary, mother of mercy, always bless and guard the ‟Daughters of Jesus” community and their works so that we may all acknowledge from these people the face of Jesus.

Mathieu N'DA

Mathieu N’DA

Mr Mathieu N’Da (parishioner and friend of the community)





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