Reading an unpublished film


On the point of leaving Honduras for her native Canada, sister Alberta Magnan gives her testimony as a missionary in Honduras and expresses the gratitude she feels towards the Provinces of Canada and Latin America, her family, and to God who sent her to this beautiful people.

A contemplative attitude

Kneeling before God, I am captivated by the images from the experience of my last 35 years in Honduras that well up in my mind and heart. A welcoming land … a hospitable and generous people … a Church of the South alive and dynamic … a growing number of clergy and religious working together … dedicated and cooperative lay people … happy and dynamic children and young people.



It becomes real for me, as I journey to places and commitments:

The typical town of “El Corpus” where a pastoral team was developed, and I learned to coordinate the catechetics and housewives.

(Solidarity Project for Rural Schools El Corpus 2012 -2019)

A peripheral zone of Choluteca “Barrios Unidos. San Pablo” : building up the parish, the social commitment of the women.

– The cold city “San Marcos De Colón” : the formation of couples and families, of catechists and acolytes.

– The generously given “Santa Teresita School”, an inheritance left to the new generation of Daughters of Jesus.

– The committed “Diocese of Choluteca” at the service of couples and families.

– The young people of the “Santa María Goretti Institute”.

Tutoring at Santa Teresita School, San Marcos de Colón, 1997 – 2019


All these places and people who have welcomed and loved me, remain alive in me and I will continue to bring them before God in my prayer.


Grateful memories

Solidarity Project for Rural Schools El Corpus 2012 -2019

This film will unfold without end, leaving in me a song of praise and thanksgiving. Blessed be God who has allowed me to share my faith with the Honduran people and who has enriched me with all their values and goodness!


Let us be thankful:

To the Canadian Province that accepted this sharing,

To my family who have always supported me

To the Latin America Province, Honduras Sector for its welcome and support

To the Diocese of Choluteca that allowed me to collaborate and serve.


The word “END” hollows out in me a space for the communion of life and prayer with all those whom God has placed on my path and in my history.

Sister Alberta Magnan dj



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