Associated Christians

In the locality where they live, in their work or their other commitments, these Christian men and women have had occasion to know the Daughters of Jesus. 

They have felt at ease with them, been interested by what they are trying to live, and attracted by the spirit which animates them… They have also had the feeling of finding a kindred spirit in their desire for a spiritual life which would enliven their personal, family, social and professional life.
Organised into groups for reflection and sharing and supported by Daughters of Jesus, in ways which vary from one country to another, these people choose to let themselves be guided together by the same calls. Some of them find in this a way of making community in the Church and of living their vocation as baptised Christians.
By opening their doors to associated lay people and by accepting to live in companionship with them, the sisters are enriched also. They recognise the complementarity of vocations and find there a renewed vitality.


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