Say “Daughters of Jesus” and you say “Solidarity”

Sister Anne Marie Monneraye, the General Bursar of the Daughters of Jesus, tells us how the Congregation has lived out its commitment to solidarity with those in need of financial assistance and support in 2022.

Solidarity in situations of emergency

Solidarity is expressed in the Congregation in different ways. In the face of the tragedy of the war in Ukraine, for the past year, the provinces and the general administration have made their contribution in conjunction with trusted associations and organisations. Recently, in response to the earthquake in Turkey and Lebanon, the Canadian Region, the District of England, the Province of France, and the General Administration have been present.

The International Solidarity Fund

The joy of having access to

clean drinking water!

During 2022, the International Solidarity Fund supported a number of projects, mainly in Africa but also in Colombia, Honduras, and France. The Provincial Council of Africa chose to support requests concerning access to clean drinking water.

The Saint Joseph of Kermaria Foundation

Created in February 2022, the Saint Joseph de Kermaria Foundation started its work at the end of the year. For this first year, the Foundation Committee experimented with the Caritas France Foundation. We had to familiarise ourselves with a new and demanding procedure. As we have already seen with the projects submitted to our International Solidarity Fund, it is often difficult to obtain the documents concerning the association or group requesting aid: the budget, how the structure operates, their human and financial resources, the direct and indirect beneficiaries, the results anticipated for the people concerned and the community.

Several of the projects submitted to the International Economic Commission could have been proposed for funding by the St Joseph de Kermaria Foundation, but due to a lack of sufficiently structured elements, this was not possible. Only the CEDER project for street children in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon, was submitted and accepted.

Solidarity here in France

This lack of elements allowed us, however, to participate in wider solidarity by supporting projects proposed by the Caritas France Foundation :

  • The Bernarnos Centre in Strasbourg, which since the winter of 2016 has housed thirty young migrants, minors who were living on the streets.

Finally, together with the Caritas Foundation and about twenty other foundations that operate under its umbrella, we have participated in a “Transitional Actors” fund which supports associations engaged in actions favouring integration through economic activities that respect nature and ecological transition for a period of three years.

For us today, this commitment and collaboration with other actors and organisations is a concrete expression of our Rule of Life, no 17:

« Faithful to the grace of our origins we wish to show spe cial compassion for the most deprived.

Like Jesus, who was concerned for the outcasts of his day, we wish to be attentive to the cry of those most in need in our area. »

Sr Anne-Marie Monneraye dj

General Bursar


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