When Two Teams Meet

Within the framework of the year preparatory to the diocesan feast of Vannes ‘Pentecost 2009 at St. Anne D’Auray, sixteen members of the team of Associates of Vannes and Lorient met. The meeting took place at Maison Sainte Marie du Bouetier at Hennebont.It planned to to be a visitation in response to the appeals of the bishop of Vannes who invited groups and individuals to Visitations.

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To begin with the Associates exchanged views. The two groups met three times a year. Animation and reports led by a member of the groups in turn.

Then a gospel sharing on a topic, took place. “Jesus and Zacheriah meet” ( Luke 19,1-10). Each one describedhow it affected their present life.

  • Zacheriah has a great desire to see Jesus.
  • Jesus responds to the waiting Zacheriah. He has an aim for the day: “I need to go to your house”.
  • The text is an invitation to change our heart for Jesus to live in us.
  • The crowd makes an instant jugement, “He has gone to eat with a sinner.”


And question


  • Do I always want to change my heart to meet Jesus?
  • Am I always attentive to Jesus’ wishes to live in me?
  • How can I locate the times and places where Jesus will be ?
  • Am I sometimes in a crowd which sometimes prevents me from seeing Jesus? Who judges, who recriminates?

Then a time of reflection starting from a comment of sister Marie Annick Morice on the creation of a watching cell, composed of sisters and laity. Her job would be to keep the Associates alert to suggest, to seize occasions which present themselves to service and reform young people and those who accompany th

Some reactions to this message:

It is topical. It is important for young people to be aware of their talents and of the place they could have in society, and in the Church

As Associates, it is important to care about young people , especially those who are seeking a direction in life .

We can begin by suggesting a meeting , half a day or whole day depending on their preoccupations, on a theme which affects their life.

  • Other points are possible: family Mass, preparation for the sacraments.
  • The work of the watching cell will be followed with interest by the Associates.
  • The meeting ended with a festive meal. They fixed a date for the annual assembly of the Associates of the Daughters of Jesus Province France.


Reaction to the day

A strong time,a time of friendship in simplicity, a moment of joy and sharing , a way of being church that pleases us.
Michel and Marina.

The fact of feeling part of an enriched group gives it a common and excellent dimension. We are very different which is enriching, incarnate in life.

This type of meeting allows us , for a time , to comfort ourselves, stimulate, not to feel alone in the world which doesn’t always help us , to feel part of a family, that of the Sisters of Kermaria.

A moment of simple sharing on the Gospel sharing faith and moving towards each one becoming a Christian Associate of the Daughters of Jesus.

Joy of growing in faith with the help of the charism of the Daughters of Jesus.

Sympathetic meeting which allowed two groups to know each other better and create bonds of friendship.
Marie Therese


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