Why be a member of the Daughters of Jesus?

The group of associates, Daughters of Jesus of Northern Cameroon, met on March 2, 2014 at Marcellin Karna and Cecile. For the third time this year, the meeting focused on the family. As always, the exchange was deep and allowed everyone to share what he saw.

DSCN3089A very rewarding moment of testimony in favor of the Daughters of Jesus

The meeting ended with a cake in the community. A question of postulants: “Why did you become associated,” gives us the opportunity to say what has been said and what the associated postulants received in these sharing.

  • Associates Word: what led to the Daughters of Jesus

“I shared the mission of the Daughters of Jesus when they were going in villages at Almé and Tignères. They were close to the people and through the villages to rescue, do animation with women and youths».

“The sisters have helped me to grow in the spiritual life and to learn more about Jesus.”

“I was touched by their choice to honor the sacred humanity of the Son of God by small actions, their openness to the world, their faith. “

“We cannot do what they did but where we are in our own way we want to honor the sacred humanity of the Son of God”.

DSCN3090“Even if the Daughters of Jesus are no longer there, we can testify to what they were. “

“At Gada, the sisters taught us to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and the children took it as a fashion. Since the community departed we continue to find ourselves in each other to pray Vespers»

The sisters have supported us in difficult times. They showed us that even in difficulties, one should always rely on Christ. “


The Daughters of Jesus have sown and plant germinated at Karna, Gada, Bini Dang”

  • • The Word of postulants: what has affected the testimonies in them are:DSCN3099

The simplicity of life of the Daughters of Jesus, the reflection they gave to love and tenderness of God through their way of life attracted more partners»

“Taking the Daughters of Jesus as a model, even if they are no longer in parishes, Christians are able to demonstrate their works, they have been for them, toward their benefits; they sowed their seed and will not be erased “.

“I loved the testimony. They tell me that wherever, the Daughters of Jesus goes they are the fruit of the incarnation through their lives. “

“I also discovered that to serve Christ, it is not worth trying to do great things but small gestures made ​​with love every day. It helped me to think for the future»

Sister Denise Lebreton and Sister Marie-Thérèse Catus



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