“Pathways of life” – “ To offer God”

“Why does Grandma have pathways on her face?” asks 4-year old Guillaume. A question which obliges us to reflect. Children are often one step ahead of us and open up for us new pathways … they speak from the simplicity of the heart.


Guillaume’s question struck a chord within me.

Unknown to him, he invited me to reflect on the kind of pathways which are mine.

I dare to answer Guillaume’s question by showing him six paths which are found on his Grandmother’s face.

  • Path of sorrow! No life can move forward without encountering sorrow, however small it may be.
  • Path of love! This path is easy to follow! No one can be without it.
  • Path of joy! Thank you, Lord, for having sown within us the joy which provides wings enabling us to continue life’s journey wholeheartedly.
  • Path of happiness! Happiness! Who would want to give it up? Grandma surely has had a good taste of it.
  • Path of tears. Not to be chosen but unavoidable.
  • Path of holiness. Oh! This path crowns all the others and leads us to our final destination!

To have such visible signs on our face is certainly not an indication of an easy life. We are human beings and we carry many wounds and heavy loads. Life is not at a loss in offering a varied menu. “In suffering, there is a seed of life, because life teaches us.” (Jean-Paul Simard)

And now my dear Guillaume, thus are the name and the why of these paths.


The paths of love

And you, Lord, what are the paths that Guillaume and others could see on your face?

  • The paths on Grandma’s face are to be acknowledged.
  • Paths on the face of Christ are to be followed.

Christ has but one path: LOVE

“All the earth is filled with the steadfast love of the Lord” Ps 32 (33)

“Jesus, you lead us

On pathways of humanity

When we hear within us the cries of our world,

Teach us to love as you would.” (Robert McGraw)

Lina Cyr, FJ Rimouski, Canada


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