On Feb. 23, 2014, we held a shared meal (a fund raiser) at St. Stanislas (Province of Quebec, Canada) for the seventh consecutive year. In this way we wish to continue the mission of the Daughters of Jesus who have worked in our parish for a hundred years.

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Thanks to the collaboration of all the Associate groups of the Vice-province of Trois-Rivières, this project is a real success.

The profit made at this gathering helps to support the projects initiated by the Daughters of Jesus who are missionaries in Honduras (the House of Hope and a catechetical project in Danli) and an educational project in Cameroon.

Sr. Micheline Cormier who works in Cameroon gave us a brief overview of the lived experiences of the religious and the Associates in Cameroon as well as those in the missions of Chad, Ivory Coast and the Republic of Congo.

This shared meal is a gathering place for our Associate Groups and for the persons of our milieu who are sensitized to the needs of the most deprived.


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Giving importance to small gestures in favor of the most deprived is our way of living the D.J. charism and thus living the way Jesus did.Repas 1


Jean-Paul Rousseau, Associate

Mother Ste-Elizabeth Group



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