Our family and the mission

A community of Associates of the Daughters of Jesus in Santiago, Chile, share their gratitude for what they have experienced in the Congregation. They share with us the richness of the gestures of welcome and union they see among the Sisters; this motivates them to continue to live as Jesus did.


Our regard is enriched

After spending several years with the family of the Daughters of Jesus, first as aspirants, and now as Associates, our home has a different feel to it, the fruit of our union with the Congregation. Our regard and behavior have changed.

These attitudes of giving dignity back to those who seem to have lost it, to always and unselfishly welcome those who need a word, a councilor a presence. They attract and connect with young people, communities and people in general. No matter the race or the colour, to them all are children of God, all are entitled to respect. Their testimony to life, by the total giving of themselves to protect the weak and those in need, arouses our admiration.




A shared spirituality

We feel privileged and happy to be part of this charism of humanity and to participate in a beautiful community of Associates. Our love for Jesus drives us to be better people and gives us a sense of belonging. We feel free because God has made us free.

Our spirituality calls us all to walk in unity towards Our Lord Jesus. It allows us to challenge ourselves to move forward in the search for our identity. In our work outside the community, we do everything we can to convey what we have learned to those who accompany us: family, friends and people from other communities. We speak of the testimony of the Sisters and we try in our small way to be a reflection of all the light they give us day after day.

We want to thank the Daughters of Jesus for showing a very human Jesus, close and present in each one of us.

Guillermo and Patricia

Community of Associates “Ruca de Jesús”. Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus of Santiago, Chile




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