A Saviour is born to us!


A reflexion from Sr. Marie-Hélène Jaouen, D.J., from the District of Haïti


In the darkness of our world

In the obscurity of our lives….

Suddenly a light appears!

crêche Haiti

Our God comes to inhabit our world…

Our God comes to save us…

He sends us a Saviour: Jesus, his Son!

In the night….a voice announces the Good News:

« A sign is given unto you: You will find a new-born,

Wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger. »


« A sign you will find »

Searching, finding this sign today

Going like the shepherds,

Looking at the little child in the crib:

It is not the face of a mighty one, a great one of the world….

It is just the opposite!

He is there, fragile…. in a manger.

«The Word is made flesh. He dwells among us. »

Again today He comes to dwell among us, in each of us.

« Lord, help us to allow Jesus, your Word made flesh to become incarnated in us in the heart of our fragilities.

Help us to recognize and to welcome the sign that He gives

at his birth, and after in His ordinary life at Nazareth, His public life on the roads of Palestine,

His death on the cross, His resurrection proclaiming the victory of life over death. »

Regardless of where we live,

Regardless of our state of life,

Regardless of our age, regardless of our situation,

May the good News of Christmas, renew our Hope, our faith.

As it is written in our Rule of Life,

« In the mystery of his Incarnation, Jesus gives meaning to our lives today. »

Merry Chrismas !


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