National demonstration for a poverty-free Quebec

Sr Ursule, a Daughter of Jesus from Rimouski, tells us about her participation in the demonstration on 23 May 2023 in Quebec, organised by the RCA (Regroupement Contre l’Appauvrissement). She tells us.

For 20 years, Quebec has had a law to eliminate poverty. However, to date, the plans to combat poverty have been far too weak. We want a new, sustainable and effective plan.

In our province, nearly 10% of the population has insufficient income to cover basic needs. The government must act, and quickly, to resolve this unacceptable situation.

I am committed

Being a member of Rimouski’s R.C.A. (Regroupement Contre l’Appauvrissement). I’m joining the group to take part in the May 23, 2023 demonstration organized to call on the government to take care of the poorest in our society.

Early in the morning we, the Rimouski representation, took the bus to Quebec City with people from the Gaspé and Rivière-du-Loup regions. It was an opportunity to share our experiences.

A festive atmosphere

After a four-hour drive, we arrived at the meeting point for groups from all over the province. Animators, speakers and singers put us in a festive mood before setting out on the march to the National Assembly. Welcome to this mobilization for a poverty-free Quebec, rich of all its people!

Throughout the march, we chanted slogans and sang responsories written for the occasion. Several participants displayed placards describing the serious situations faced by the world’s poorest people.

Eliminating poverty

Arriving in front of Parliament, we set up a 125-piece jigsaw puzzle on the forecourt, asking the 125 Members of Parliament to commit to eliminating poverty in their communities.

Poverty is not inevitable. Let’s give ourselves the means to eliminate it.

Together, we continued our fight for greater justice and equality. We’re returning to our respective communities, enriched by our solidarity and confident that our government will take a further step in favour of the most disadvantaged: ensuring them a decent income and accessible quality services, while combating prejudice against people living in poverty.

I’m fortunate to have participated in this event. By uniting with all the Daughters of Jesus, I think it’s a way of launching out together into deep waters at the heart of our people.

Ursule Beaulieu fj,

Rimouski, Canada


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