Live from my make-believe balcony

“Old age is not a prison but a balcony, with railings of course, but looking onto a vast panorama”.

soeurs et résidents 2

This quotation from Marie Louise Kschnitz inspires me to discover, from my balcony, a vast panorama which is both very interesting and challenging. With eyes wide open, I thence become aware of numerous signs of life in my surroundings. I spend the best part of my time with the twelve Daughters of Jesus who, at Canterbury Hall, lead a simple but very meaningful life.

Their small gestures speak loudly to the persons who live close to them: visiting a sick resident, doing a small service for someone, telling a story to help someone forget his/her boredom, reminding someone of an interesting organized activity, listening attentively to a story already known, living serenely a poor health situation, enjoying a light lunch with a group of residents… and I could go on and on and on. In all these gestures of attentive presence to one another, I recognize signs of life, signs of humanity and of hope. And from my balcony, this panoramic view helps me, every day, to forget the railings and to live peacefully my mission with them.

soeurs et résidentsSr. Jacqueline Desroches, f.j., Vice-province of Moncton



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