The « Restaurants of the Heart » at Montcuq

A fair-sized team of 11 volunteers comes together every Monday, first from nine o’clock to eleven o’clock for the reception and shelving of the goods brought by the Secours Catholique and then in the afternoon for the distribution of these same goods to the beneficiaries of the Restos du Coeur (“Restaurants of the Heart).

Resto du coeur

From two o’clock to half-past two there is a team meeting : together we organise the distribution of the goods depending on what we have received. Is there a family in difficulty, who do we give the priority to, in what way can we help?

Nearly 30 people, from all of the rural zone around Montcuq have asked for help from the restos and we have noticed a very significant rise this year. At half-past two the coffee is hot and the beneficiaries are welcomed with coffee, tea and biscuits, served by the volunteers.

The moment of distribution is a very privileged time for meeting personally, and often a time of very rich sharing.

We also have a small clothing store where each one can find clothes or household linen and again it offers an opportunity to talk and to share.Restaurant du coeur

In the four years that I have been part of this very dynamic and friendly team, we have always been happy to meet up : all different in terms of age, culture, opinion. But I sense in each one, an attention to and a respect for the “person”, sometimes in a difficult situation, a deep desire to help the “whole” person, whether it be related to family, work, unemployment, health, administrative problems, lodging, etc. …

« As you did it to one of the least of these my brethren you did it to me.” For me it’s a place for where I contemplate and give thanks.

Sr Jeanine Vinel Montcuq Community

Province France South-West



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