The Daughters of Jesus, a listening ear for youth

Gratitude from some youth of Ivory Coast towards the Daughters of Jesus

We are young people aged from 16 to 18 and we live in the Ivory Coast, precisely in the Sub-prefecture of Brobo. We are students in class 1 and Terminal, involved in our parish in JEC (Catholic Student Youth) at the CV AV ( Strong Heart-Strong Soul) .

We have at our sides the Daughters of Jesus. They accompany the parish movements, help with the preparation of the sacraments, teach at the primary level and assist at the re-education of children with a handicap. They also see to the formation of youth.


Accepting oneself as a gift of God

Two years ago, they set up a formation program for the youth, the objective of which is to help us with guidelines and orientations for life. During this formation, we approached the following themes: Knowledge of self (the different temperaments), friendship and sexuality.

We were happy to discover that, our temperament is linked to our character and that no temperament is better than any another. It is important to accept oneself as a gift from God; called to live with others in their differences.

We were challenged on the style of friendship that we have (interested or authentic friendship). Culture and real friendship help subjects to blossom and grow.

As to sexuality, the discovery was great and surprising; all our being is sexed and our sexuality begins in childhood. It knows evolutions according to age, family education, lived events and social milieu.


Spaces for listening and for words

These formation moments were for us a real space of words. We were able to say everything without taboo and we were really in need of doing so.

In addition to this formation, the Daughters of Jesus remain available for our different concerns of young people. They are an ear, a smile and a presence when we need them.

Thanks to you Daughters of Jesus for your welcoming and simplicity. May God grant you the wisdom and intelligence necessary for your mission.

Young ones from the KRA Family


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