God searches for me when I let him, he is interested in what I live.

This liturgical time of Lent allows me to discover God’s immense love for me. Hen I feel it, I I have more clarity and confidence to look at my life and revise it. I would like to share two invitations which have found an echo in me and tableau carêmein other sisters. These invitations help me to enter into my interior life and that of the community in this lenten time.

1. “Five loaves and two fish” Mark 8,1-10

God invites us to be missionaries, to create with the gifts and possibilities that Eglise Colombiewe have, despite our limited or lacking resources.

The Pope also says to us :

It may be that there are those who look back to the past, who emphasise with nostalgia the differences, who ruminate in silence or have doubts about the lack of means, resources or manpower. Let us not allow ourselves to cling to a nostalgia for structures and customs that are no longer life-giving in the actuality of today’s world.” (Document of the Church No 184 Study document for consecrated men and women “En route following the signs of God”

2. The Latin American reality with its capitalist system can be found in the five loaves and the two fish which a few possess in the face of the misery of five thousand people. If we place in common these loaves and these fish, all will be able to eat their fill and there will still be some left over.


personnes colombiennes

It is an invitation to solidarity, not to accumulate but to share what we are and what what we have. (Sermon of Father Aurelio Paz, a Honduran priest, the 14th February 2015).

3. The Pope also urges us to be attentive to and care for others, and examine our attitude of indifference.

  • If one member suffers, all suffer with him.


  • Where is your brother?connaissance


  • Let us be islands of compassion in a sea of indifference


  • The suffering of another is a call to conversión


  • Let us be strong in heart


Prière communautaire

These invitations leave us with a desire to live these important times of prayer, of care and attention to the grace of the Good God who seeks us with insistence and love in every occurrence and every place.



Un peu


notre famille



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