Legacy of the Daughters of Jesus!

A fresco reflecting our origins was unveiled at the Maison Albatros in Trois-Rivières Canada, on the 25th of November 2022.

On the 25th of November, the Daughters of Jesus of Trois-Rivières inaugurated a fresco on the walls of a room at Albatros House: a palliative care facility and former Infirmary of the Daughters of Jesus.

As if on a pilgrimage

The visit began by commemorating the origins of our Congregation. Then came the reading of the expulsion text of 1902. The tenet of the “Combes” law was that overnight some five hundred Daughters of Jesus were cast out onto the street without food or shelter. The recalling of these events took us back to our beginnings in Canada when two generous Daughters of Jesus accepted to cross the Atlantic to come and seek shelter in Canada.

The outcome of this project

As we journeyed with the help of this fresco, composed of texts and photos, our hearts, as Daughters of Jesus, welled up with emotion and enabled us to reconnect with the first Daughters of Jesus who ventured out to the diocese of Trois Rivières.  

The last page entitled “The Boulevard of Passage of Time” highlighted the treasure of our heritage as it shines before our eyes.

With the audacity of our predecessors and the grace of our God, “Let us cast our nets!”

Sr Madeleine Aylwin, fj Archiviste,

Trois Rivières, Canada


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