Ecological education with handicapped children

Sister Estelle Koffi dj, on mission in Brobo, Ivory Coast, tells us about how she has put into place a programme of ecological education with the children of the Mère de Miséricorde social centre.

Ecology for all

Ecology concerns us all, even children with disabilities. The Mère de Miséricorde Centre, whose objective is to enable its handicapped pupils to be fulfilled and self-reliant and to integrate into society, is also concerned with the stewardship of the environment.

As animators and supervisors, our first role is to enable the children to take care of themselves and our planet earth.

Our little ‘common house’, the Mother of Mercy Social Centre, also aims to take action by creating activities that will help and safeguard the cleanliness of the environment.

The ecological activitieses activités

These activities take place in three sessions :

The first session aims to teach the children and young people to take part in the daily cleaning of the centre. Every Tuesday and Friday morning, the children, as soon as they arrive, take up their brooms, wheelbarrows, and rakes, and set about collecting dead leaves and bags thrown on the ground. All this in a cheerful and competitive atmosphere.

The second session consists of sorting the rubbish and separating it into leaves, paper, and plastic. The children enjoy this activity and carry it out with a lot of enthusiasm and will. 

Finally, the third session is a compost-making activity where the children have made a place for a compost heap to enrich the soil.

All of this is our small contribution, at our level, to making our common home,

planet earth, breathe again for our well-being.

Ecology, a topical subject

« Honouring the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God », no 3 in our Rule of Life is  :

  • helping each person, even the most fragile or deprived, those children living with a handicap, to become aware of, and to participate at their level, in the safeguarding of our common home.

  • allowing our little ones, who certainly do not have all their faculties, to be aware in their own way of what is happening in the world today, so that they will be better equipped for the future.

Sr Estelle Koffi dj

Mère de Miséricorde Centre, Ivory Coast


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