Lucie’s surprise visit to the community

As part of the catechesis program in Bignan, France, the animators suggested that these young people meet with witnesses. Lucie our neighbor, a student of CM2, with her teacher’s agreement, chose to come and meet the community of the Daughters of Jesus.

The front door bell rang and the young visitor introduces herself to the community.

She presents herself, wearing a beautiful dress for the occasion, as she announces her project: “I have many questions to ask.” In the presence of a few sisters she asks her first question.

How do the sisters live their retirement years??

In a few words Sr. Marie Thérèse outlines the usual course of a day, where times of prayer in community and personal prayer alternate and follow one another.

We have the Eucharist twice a week in our chapel, and there we carry in our prayer the intentions of the people around us and those recommended to us.

There are also household chores, services, cooking and preparing meals; the maintenance of the environment, the garden, the cultivation of flowers, according to the seasons. I t is pleasant to live in a well-kept environment and the beauty of the place can lead us to prayer and reflection.

There are shopping and stewardship issues. Among the sisters, the resources, money and other assets are shared and pooled.

There are also times when each one of us experiences encounters and sharing with different people, visits to the sick, to our neighbors, persons living alone, isolated, in order to bring them a little comfort. We must not forget reading and relaxation

Outdoor activities

Some sisters are more involved outside of the community: archive services at Kermaria, secretarial work in the parish or participation in the activities of the Mediatheque, thus putting their knowledge at the service of others, according to the needs.

During all this time Lucie writes the answers to her questions. She has already filled up two pages of her notebook… the project is beginning to take shape.

Lucie also visits the house; in the chapel she meets the other sisters gathered to pray vespers. Everyone expresses joy at Lucie’s arrival. The conversation continues about our way of life.


It is now time to end this meeting. Lucie says how happy she is to have experienced this moment, to have been welcomed, and to leave with the answers she needs for her project in catechesis.

Before leaving us, Lucie tells us that she regularly follows the Sunday services on K.T.O and that she prays every day. While visiting the garden, she shares with us her other wish: To collect toys for the children who don’t have any because, she adds, “I like to be of service and do something for others. » »

As a result of this visit, we can underline that this meeting with Lucie was an occasion for us to realize that religious and community life continues to be of interest in discussions among young people who do not hesitate to question witnesses

whom they meet in privileged moments of catechetical reflection.

We can recognize the concern of animators in catechesis groups: that of raising among young people questions relevant to the future of Mission in the Church.

As for us, this visit encourages us to remain open to the unexpected, to continue welcoming visitors as a modest way of living our integration, and to record it faithfully over time in remembrance of our beginnings in Bignan.

You may remember the article “from the little cat at the window” that we have already mentioned on our site and which was the beginning of occasional encounters. Lucie is a member of the family who owns the little cat.

The f j community,

Bignan, France


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