Key statements from the Recollection 12th – 13th July 2016

Some key statements for the statt of a Chapter

Beginning the work of a Chapter, is to enter into a process , whose outcome we do not control and to allow that which comes from the depths of everyone’s freedom, to be born.

“To honour the Sacred Humanity of Christ” is also to recognize his presence, which will bring about good , to recognize it in our history as well as in our own flesh and lives.

The Baptism of Jesus (synoptics) He follows the sinners by entering into the mud of history taking upon himself our human flesh.

To become more and more a Daughter of Jesus is to follow Jesus Christ in his manner of being and being led by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Pope Francis, in his Exhortation, the Joy of Love, insists strongly on learning from the look of Christ and of adopting this look. It is a question of seeing everything through the eyes of Jesus. It is necessary for us to adopt the contemplative look that Jesus had, in order to discover the depth of the reality and beauty of each person, the goodness which they live and proclaim, to look at their fragility, which one doesn’t ignore but seeks a way of responding to .


Mt. 9 36 – 38 : To follow Jesus I need to take in to my contemplation all the faces I have met in my apostolic life, to remind me of their joy and hopes, their distress and hardships in order to make them my own.

One of the ways in which Jesus allows himself to be touched , transformed, is to be disappropriated in his meeting with the poor, the little ones and the excluded.

To hear what the Spla femme syrophénicienneirit says to the Church perhaps means first of all to hear what the Spirit says to the ordinary people , to those we do not hear , those who have no other authority other than their experience of God.

Matt 15 : 22-28 The Woman proves that she is humble and daring. Jesus is surprised and admires her for this. It seems that the woman shakes him in the understanding of his own mission. It can be said that she allows him to better understand that she is also dealing with “outsiders” – she and her daughter .

And myself , have I ever changed my point of view after having met the poor, the stranger and the marginalised ?

Mie Anni


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