Give flavor to each detail

I experience my relationship with God, with my sisters in community and with all my co-workers as God’s gift which I discover day after day in my consecrated life.

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I compare this year’s experience to salt which flavours food. This helps me to try to give flavour to each detail. I experience a sense of well-being and this awakens my desire to share the charism in a human and simple way.

It is through the Lord’s generosity to me that I experience this well-being. Through an atmosphere of personal and community prayer I receive the necessary trust and strength from God. Also, the community experience and the unity which exists among us as Daughters of Jesus fosters this sense of well-being. We support each other. We share with one another what we have carried out in living the charism of the Daughters of Jesus.

The complementary experience of “faith and light” helps us to give the best of ourselves to our handicapped brothers. What I value the most is affection expressed in a selfless love. With them, I learn a greater simplicity by giving-and-receiving without expecting anything. I experience gratuity which shows me how to be myself and incites me to come out of my shell to give value to these human gestures which enrich me. I receive support from my trust in God. I count on the support I receive from the mothers of these children as well as from my friends and from the coordination team.

TERESA CORRALES - copiaI also share in the work at the hospital where I live in solidarity with those who are most vulnerable: the children. I do this work conscientiously giving the best to the suffering patient. It is stressful to see the despair in the members of the families. We experience this stress but also hope when a child recovers. I experience my powerlessness in the face of limitations: the lack of medication, of appropriate attention. Sometimes I have had to run to treat patients, especially those who are the most in need.

I am very happy to share with you this rich fraternal experience where it is possible to touch the love which is shared as well as the pain which becomes a cross for those who suffer.


Teresa Corrales Canales d.j.


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