I am happy to be an Associate to the Daughters of Jesus

A clearer understanding of my mission as a baptized person, a different way of looking at people.

mariette-audy1Being an Associate to the Daughters of Jesus helps me to live in a more conscious manner. To begin with, I have a clearer understanding of my mission as a baptized person. I feel more and more that I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, being active and more open to the needs of the people around me.

Since a few months, I surprise myself having a different view of others, especially toward the wounded of life, the sick and those with severe loss of independence. It is like I am wearing new glasses. I feel inhabited by a sentiment of compassion, of empathy towards them. To these more vulnerable ones, I am more attentive to convey a warm comforting presence, an affectionate support for what they are going through.

I am vigilant not to judge the people I come across daily. I take more time to listen to them, to welcome them and to bring them my support when they are in need.

Rereading, which I do more regularly, helps me to live in a more conscious way, as well as showing me many facets of the presence of God in my life. In the past, Mother Nature has often blessed and nourished me. Today, she makes me discover the grandeur and the goodness of God who loves us and wants us to be happy.

I felt the presence of this God, Father, full of tenderness, in a special way by all the persons that He put on my path, when my husband Aimé was sick. The support, the listening and the presence of these persons helped me to give him love, comprehension and support during his difficult ordeal and until his death. Still today, I feel this support, I am grateful to all these people who have allowed me to experience the tenderness of God.

Mariette Audry, Associate


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