Hundreth anniversary – St. Isidore Parish


The parishioners of St. Isidore Parish, Plamondon (Alberta) celebrated their centennial May 2 -3, 2015. It was a week-end of great celebration in this small village. The Daughters of Jesus were invited to celebrate this great occasion since we taught there from 1936-1981. Gisèle Labonté(native of Plamondon) and Elsie Stitsen, who taught there from 1956-67, were very happy to be able to join in the celebration.

A bit of history: People settled in the area in 1908. When a priest was available Mass was celebrated the first one being outdoors under three spruce trees. They soon built a church and Bishop Emile Legal established St. Isidore Parish on May 2, 1915. Many of the people living there now are descendants of the original families.


On May 2nd in the afternoon the CWL(Catholic Women’ League) hosted a tea in the new spacious Festival Place. It was a joyous occasion to meet some people we knew and to visit the big display along the side of the hall depicting the history of the parish and its people. At 5:00 p.m. we enjoyed a delicious banquet served to about 250 people. An evening of entertainment followed. The Parish Choir of about 30 opened the evening with various religious songs, followed by other groups: children’s choir from the French School, Beau Séjour, musicians, solos, family groups. What talent in this little village and farming area!


The next day the 11:00 o’clock Sunday Mass was presided by Bishop Paul Terrio, the bishop of the St Paul Diocese. Concelebrants were Fr. Casmir Muobike, SMMM, the pastor, and Rev. Edmond Croteau. At the same time that the Eucharist was celebrated to mark the 100th Anniversary, nine children received their first communion and were confirmed. It was a very meaningful liturgy where the parish choir sung beautiful hymns in both French and English.

AlbertaBefore leaving the church Elsie and Gisèle had a tour of the recently renovated church and basement.

This wonderful celebration ended with a brunch served by the Knights of Columbus at Festival Place.

During this week-end we had the great joy of meeting many people we knew. Before leaving Festival Place we had a tour of the magnificent building … meeting rooms, big kitchen, theater, etc, recently built by the people of Plamondon. And then it was time to say good-bye and drive the 2 ½ hour trip back to Edmonton.

Gislèle Labonté f.j., Elsie Stitsen, f.j


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