Honduras celebrates 202 years of Independence

Sister Floriselva tells us about her country’s patriotic celebrations, a great opportunity to share news from the community of San Marcos de Colon with the Sisters Daughters of Jesus and other readers of the website.

Belonging to the Congregation body

The context of the Honduran national celebrations gave us the opportunity to welcome the call to “grow in our identity as Daughters of Jesus” (Orientations General Chapter 2022) and in our belonging to the body of the Congregation. As our charism of humanization constitutes us as a body, we live it and share it with the Church by going out and moving towards greater synodality.

In this way, we have been able to see that our charism is rooted and present in the lives of the people of San Marcos and of the Honduran people.

Student involvement

During the week of the 13th to 15th September 2023, the Santa Teresita Educational Centre was present: the Daughters of Jesus Sisters, teaching staff, students, and parents of pupils from the three levels – nursery, primary and secondary – all marched through the streets of the town!

Seeing all these people, from the youngest to the oldest, marching, dancing, and expressing their patriotic fervor with great affection for their school, I saw the reflection too in the recognition given by public and private bodies when they say that Santa Teresita students excel in discipline and aesthetics.

We see a united educational community, for that is what we’re called to be. By bearing witness to the love of God that animates us, we want to foster fraternal communion among ourselves and strengthen it between the entities of the Congregation.

Click on the triangle to watch the marching band of the Santa Teresita Educational Center

The teaching staff

Our teaching staff are highly qualified, with a spirit of hard work and dedication to teaching. Both staff and teachers gave the necessary time to do a good job for our institution and it is thanks to their tireless work that everything went well during these holidays.

This was a Honduran celebration,

but we would like to share with you

part of our mission through the education

we offer to the people of San Marcos de Colón.

Sr Floriselva Corrales Baca dj,

Community San Marcos de Colón, Honduras


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