Grateful tributes

Sister Elda Gaudet, responsible for the sisters of Canterbury Hall and Monarch Hall in Riverview, New Brunswick, organized a small party for her sisters.

At the end of her six-year mandate with our elderly and sick sisters, Sister Elda Gaudet prepared a meeting for them around a friendly meal. This meal was made possible with the help of Sisters Yvette Roy and Jeannine LeClerc.

Sister Elda

Heartful thanks

It was on this occasion that Sister Elda thanked her small community for having allowed her to live a beautiful experience thanks to their acceptance and their daily sharing.

groupe soeurs à table

The following poem, written by one of the group, Sister Jean LeClair, expresses all the gratitude of the Sisters to Elda for her attentive and discreet presence with each one.

Thank you Elda for your great discretion

To each one, you gave full attention.

Thank you Elda for your constant dedication

You did it every day, faithfully

Thank you Elda for your good example and your humility

We love you sincerely, you’ll never be forgotten.

Thank you Elda for your great compassion, your goodness, and gentleness

You treated equally each of the Sisters.

Thank you, Lord, for being present in our humanity.

This friendly meeting was a form of gratitude shared by both Elda and her community. We give thanks to God for all that was lived and enjoyed during these last six years.

Sr Jacqueline Desroches, dj


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