General Assembly in Guidel

A group of about forty people, Associates and Sisters of the Daughters of Jesus, met for a General Assembly in Guidel (Morbihan), on the 29th of October 2022, to discover and reflect on the Orientations of the General Chapter 2022.

A time of prayer

After the welcome by Sister Anne Thirion, Provincial, we prayed on the theme “Go out into the deep and cast the nets” with the songs “Go out into the deep” and  “Go out into the deep” followed by the Gospel of Luke, chapter 5. This prayer was embellished by a magnificent slideshow and the creation of the decor (the net, the boat, the sea…).

The Orientations of the General Chapter: the call

After a coffee break, Sister Anne introduced us to the Orientations of the General Chapter 2022, through the reading of the Call, where Jesus asks us :

– to open ourselves to his unconditional love.

– to widen our hearts to listen to his word.

– to move forward with confidence and boldness.

– to believe that he has confidence in our abilities.

She then invited us to “react spontaneously” and to try to say how we can live this call.

Following this exchange, Sister Anne communicated to the Associates the means proposed by the Chapter.

The morning ended with the testimony of Valérie Cariou, an Associate from Plonéour-Lanvern who participated in the Chapter in Locquirec.

12 h ! On foot or by car, went to the community of Sisters for a very convivial meal, before returning to the parish hall at 2 pm.

Afternoon, back to work

In groups of 6, we were again invited to reflect on the Orientations of the General Chapter and to choose one of the four points presented during the morning session, giving the reasons for our choice.

The afternoon was marked by testimonies, such as those of the Sisters from Canada and Latin America, on their experience of the Chapter.

Other information

Before leaving us, Anne ended the day with some information, including

– the future of Kermaria,

– a session of formation and retreat for the Associates over two weekends, animated by Sister Henriette Danet.

The end of a beautiful day, rich in content and meetings!

Nicole and Colette,

Associates, France


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