For Continuity Presentation of the Acts of the General Chapter 2022

A motive for thanksgiving! On this first day of May 2023, in Rimouski Canada, the Daughters of Jesus and associates, let us welcome with joy the Acts of the General Chapter 2022; Let us discover its content.

Début de la rencontre 

After a time of greeting each other and Sister Lucienne’s words of welcome, Sister Ursule sets us off by reading our Superior General, Sister Patricia Guillet ‘s  letter.          

Sister Patricia, Superior General reminds us: “July 2022-April 2023, nine months have passed since the General Chapter.”

Isn’t that the time it takes for life to be born? Time that follows a long preparation: time of desires, choices, commitment for the future; a future guided by love.

Thanks to the team for the layout of this document, offering us the fruits of reflection and decisions made during these two years of Chapter.

Welcome and reactions

To present us with these fruits, Sr. Lucienne and Sr. Ursule, through modern means of communication, introduces us to the Acts of the General Chapter 2022.

First, it is through the triptych presented in the form of PowerPoint that we hear the call and the resources that will be at the heart of our lives for the next six years. What a great realization!

Secondly we receive the Acts of the General Chapter; we take the time needed to glance through this document before expressing our reactions: the peaceful colors, the lay out of the pictures, the well-spaced text, and meaningful expressions are for all of us an invitation to move on together. It is under the loving gaze of God and with complete confidence that we want to make them part of our life.

Reflection from an outside person

On May 5, our chaplain, Father Jacques Côté, starting with the Word of God in Peter (2:5), reminds us of our place at the heart of the Church:

• Christ is “our cornerstone”

• We are “the living stones at the heart of our world”.

Looking at pages 2, 4 and 6 of our document, he notes some important points for us:

How to respond to the Lord’s call to “collaborate in his mission of Resurrection”? (p, 2)

• “The responses provided by the 2022 Orientations will shape “the desired type of belonging to the whole Congregation – Body”. (p.2)

• If each one with the help of the associates accept the call to go a step further, this can make major changes.

‘’ Rooting ourselves in the truth of the Gospel (p.5), the Lord shows us the Father and leads us to life”.


Yes, now we continue to move forward into deep waters, casting our nets, striving to fulfil with confidence the commitments taken towards the future. Let us be living stones, realizing God’s desire for Creation.

Sr. Jeannine D’Amours, 

Rimouski, Canada


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