Final vows of Sister Floriselva Corrales Bacca

Sister Floriselva from honduras made her final commitment to the Congregation of Daughters of Jesus on November 25th 2020. She shares her testimony with us.


“The sower went out to sow and the seed fell into the good soil, it grew and bore fruit a hundredfold. “Luke 8 : 8





Anniversary of the Congregation

The 25th November marks the anniversary of our Congregation of the Daughters of Jesus of Kermaria. It was on this date in 1834 that the first five Daughters of Jesus made their vows and gave their lives to the Lord. For this reason I decided to celebrate my own final commitment on this special date for my life and for the Congregation.


Definitive Commitment


In the same way, I pronounced my definitive « Yes » to the Lord in the midst of the difficult reality that we all face because of the pandemic. Personally, my family have lived through difficult moments, such as forced displacement due to drug trafficking in our country of Honduras.

In the midst of this harsh reality, pronouncing my definitive « Yes » was a moment of grace because the Lord continues to act today. He continues to call and He continues to invite me to sow the seed of faith that He came to infuse in every heart that dares to follow Him without fear.

Today I am very grateful to my extended family of the Congregation that has supported and accompanied me throughout my journey. Today, more than ever, they continue to accompany me with their prayers and affection.

I feel that I have been invited to continue to incarnate the Charism of Humanisation wherever I have been sent, working with young people and in a concrete way in our Santa Teresita Institute. In the words of the Insitute motto, I want to : « Work to please Jesus ».


Sister Floriselva Corrales Baca, Honduras


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