Feast of the Immaculate Conception at Kermaria

Fête de l'Immaculée 005For the Daughters of Jesus of Kermaria,

the 8th December is always a great celebration.

We are always “happy”

to welcome the people from round about

who come to proclaim and sing their Faith with us;

together we form an important gathering.

Fête de l'Immaculée 001At 17h45, the celebration begins with a procession in the cloisters. Men, women, children, sisters, all enter into the chapel.

Each one receives a lit votive light, proceeds down the lateral aisle, places his or her light at the foot of the statue of the Virgin and sits where they like.

Everyone sings:

Mary, Virgin Immaculate,

We all turn to you.

Pray, O well-loved Mother,

Pray, pray, pray for us.

It was a joy for us to meet the new parish priest of Locminé: Father Eloge ELENGA (from the Congo) who presided at the celebration. His soft, clear voice invited us to pray, to meditate. His short, to the point, homily captured the attention of the assembly.

Fête de l'Immaculée 00 4

At the thanksgiving, the Magnificat prayed by everyone was interspersed by vibrant ALLELUIAS . The final blessing followed, then the sending out. Joy shone on all of the faces. Eyes fixed on Our Lady, we sent up a last confident call to her.

“Come to the aid of your people who fall and who seek to rise again.”

The organ under the agile fingers of our organist, accompanied us as we filed out. A joy for our hearts and a wonder for our ears.

Bernadette JUSTUM dj.


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