Feast of Saint Joseph

Pilgrims from Finistère share their day of May 1, 2018 at Kermaria (Plumelin-France)

Personally, I knew this house from having visited Sisters who had retired there after having spent some years in the community of the L’Abbayé Blanche, Quimperlé. On the other hand,

1er mai 2018 Kermaria this celebration was totally unknownto me!

I regularly attend the services at the community living in the lower town of Quimperlé and I must say that I find there a soothing climate, a fraternity in an atmosphere that is always welcoming and warm. These faces, sometimes worn by time, express benevolence and simple kindness.

On May 1st, I had the choice between joining the trade unions or taking a breath of fresh air in the arms of

St. Joseph. I didn’t hesitate for long! At 9am, we were in the bus and started our trip with a brief historical reminder and the office of lauds. I knew that our Bishop Mgr Laurent Dognin would preside over this pardon, but I hadn’t imagined how many other concelebrants there would be.

It was a pleasant surprise to see some well-known faces and to find those Daughters of Jesus whom we had met in the past.

The 10:30 Mass which brought together a good number of the faithful was followed by a friendly picnic rich in exchanges. The time between the meal and the rosary was an opportunity to rediscover, under a radiant sun, the beautifully maintained park. T

here was time to pray or relax, to share or listen to an explanation of the different places … something for everyone!

At 15h, after the rosary, it was time for the great procession that led us into the office of vespers, bringing the day to an end under the sign of fraternity.

I returned to Quimperlé won over by this diocesan initiative and hope to participate again. Thank you my Sisters for your welcome.

Fraternally in Christ with Mary and Joseph.

Patrick VAINEAU permanent deacon

Marie-Paule and Marcel

This beautiful feast of Saint Joseph, began at 8 am in Quimper, with a warm welcome from the local community of the Daughters of Jesus. We travelled by bus with the many pilgrims from Finisterre, under a beautiful spring sun. The journey was punctuated by times of sharing, prayers and a presentation of Kermaria.

We were dazzled by the beauty and the perfect care of Kermaria’s gardens and buildings.

We also appreciated the benevolent welcome of the Sisters who came spontaneously to meet us, guided us throughout the day, and showed us over these beautiful historic places of consecrated life. This helped us to share, in recollection and joy, the different celebrations of the day, presided over by Bishop DOGNIN: Eucharist, Rosary, Procession and Vespers.

The meals taken together in the dining room, were a source of exchange and sharing. We were also struck by the great simplicity and humility in the various exchanges, just like St. Joseph, the Worker, Patron Saint of the Congregation.

We left united in prayer with the people we had met who had deposited their great pain with confidence. May St. Joseph hear them and help them.

In conclusion, we lived a very beautiful Feast of Saint Joseph, in the light, the beauty, the reception and the recollection of Kermaria, in LOCMINE.

With all our thanks.

Jacqueline and Christiane

Everyone present, we left Quimper around 8 a.m. under a chilly sun which promised good weather to come. After a short stop at Quimperlé to take on board other pilgrims, we headed for Kermaria, the mother house of the Daughters of Jesus. This was the object of our pilgrimage to Saint Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters and craftsmen, and also the patron saint of Kermaria.

When we arrived before the chapel of the mother house, we scarcely had time to get off before we were met with open arms by the Sisters …..



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