Apostolic Experiences

germe_03 Going to meet Jesus in his Humanity, among handicapped, elderly or sick people, with special tenderness and compassion for the poorest.

Three Daughters of Jesus second year novices in Cameroon share with us some of the experiences of their first practical taste of apostolate. The object was to plunge them into the daily realities of these suffering people .




How were they made more human by the experience?

With handicapped children

« We often speak
of the good we do for the poor,
we never speak
of the good the poor do for us”».1_web_Cameroun_Handicapes

(Jean Vanier)

“ Throughout this experience I have surpassed myself to help Yves (a small boy who can neither speak nor walk ) to exist , to be visible in the eyes of others. I confronted the “what will people say”, the fears and have seen the “aunties” and trainees become interested in the child. He is no longer the last.

The relationship created with Yves has made him more of a real person . He has also made me more human. Thanks to him I have faced my fears . The best thing is that he has led me to God by his silence, his solitude, and has allowed me to create a space in my heart to be more attentive and sensitive to the weak.”

“ When we enter into communion with a weak person

we experience a real presence of God”.


(Jean Vanier)

With elderly people


“ Whatever your work,

do it with good heart for the Lord

and not to please men”.


(Col. 3,23)


“This placement has allowed me to live this experience

and to discover that the charism of the Congregation

already lives within me .

To honour Jesus in these elderly people

with special tenderness”.


With the sick

“ Thanks to Marie Jeanne who arrived in a wheelchair, I felt the presence of Jesus when I touched, watched, listened to her and my sick brothers and sisters .

This experience galvanizes me and stimulates me to follow Christ as the Daughters of Jesus do.

The daring of the Daughters of Jesus is to go beyond boundaries in order to give life:


  • 3_web-Cameroun-malade-9overcome our fear so as to inspire confidence in others,
  • dare to be loving and close as Jesus was,
  • honour his Humanity through the sick , the abandoned people.

I have allowed Christ to awaken in me his own sentiments of love and compassion.

“ Doing little things with love is great ;

they are ordinary things but not ‘ little’,

they are great, they are those of Jesus”.






Un peu


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