Embracing Ecological Conversion: Caring for our Common Home

Associates from Edmonton and Calgary, along with a few FJ’s were blessed to have Bob McKeon, professor emeritus at Newman Theological College in Edmonton, AB, make a presentation on caring for our common home, the theme chosen for 2018-2019 for the Daughters of Jesus and Associates.


All is connected

Bob concentrated on Pope Francis’ encyclical “Laudato Si,” making connections between the dimensions of a physical home with the dimensions of our common home, the earth. He showed us how everything is connected because God is in all of creation. Bob’s gentle spirit and passion for creating a physical home for those who don’t have one and his deep respect for our home, Mother Earth, touched all of us deeply.


Conversion is needed

Bob’s reflections helped to inspire Associates and Sisters to identify in what areas conversion is still needed in caring for the earth. He brought out that how we care for the earth reflects on the importance we give to the relationships we form with people and all things that exist.


The Associates expressed their excitement and joy as they returned home.

Here are some of their reflections:

I found the talk very helpful. It gave me more understanding of Laudato Si, “caring of our common home”. It made me more aware that all of creation is related. God creates everything in his perfect image.

Since the meeting I’ve become super aware of the damage that is being done to the landfill. I have become intolerant with organizations that use paper plates, plastic cutlery, napkins simply for cost effectiveness and convenience. The environment is cluttered with so much waste. I don’t profess to know what should be done but this is a big concern for all of us.

This presentation was, in my opinion, very enlightening. It motivated me to reread Pope Francis’ Encyclical Letter. What I try to do is to follow the four recommended study processes:

What is the Holy Father saying? What does the Encyclical Letter mean? What does this message mean to me? And, what am I going to do about it?

Spending time to discuss how each of us can work towards changing attitudes that foster an abuse of the earth is important. It helps to create an awareness that each of us is called to act as a gatekeeper and protector of our common home.


A beautiful prayer sums up the spirituality of our union and our interdependence:


“Dear seasons that pass over our fields and through our hearts, you are the word of God spoken to us from the great cathedral of the great outdoors. Stir up our love for life. Fill us with joy and passion, wisdom and stillness. Reveal to us our own endurance, patience, and ability to trust. Lead us into reflection and solitude as we move through the years held in the arms of mystery. Teach us to say “yes” to the unfolding work of the Creator in our lives. Amen.” from Circle of Life


Contributions by Maxyne, Hubert, Marlene, Benedicta, Adele, Yvette, Edmonton, Canada


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