From the north, south, east and west Jesus continues to call and to send
These days we welcomed with great joy the 24 Daughters of Jesus who will participate in the meeting of the COUNCIL OF THE CONGREGATION. These sisters arrive full of dynamism, joy and missionary spirit.

LLegada de Hnas al Consejo
When they arrived several went to the different communities where we work here in Columbia. They could see and hear the life of this sector, the persons we accompany. The sisters even got involved in some of the household services, which shows that we are an expansive community united in mission and in fraternity. How wonderful it is to speak a common language, the language of the charism which expresses itself in the simplest daily gestures!


We also had some leisurely moments where we just lived as Sisters, listening to each other concerning what each one is living and discovering. Even with different languages we could express ourselves through the look in our eyes, a sisterly gesture, a smile.


“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We took advantage of the time of adaptation before the big meeting of the “Council of the Congregation” to visit the typical areas of Cogüa, Villavicencio and Bogota.


Conseil Congrégation

This evening of July 29, 2014, the sisters arrive at the “Episcopal Conference of Columbia”, the place where they will meet. What was awaiting them there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere which the sisters prepared with much affection and creativity. Tomorrow they begin the work for which they were convened.

We accompany them with our sincere affection and prayer so that they be open to God’s calls which will indicate to them the path to follow in our Congregation.

Viviana Carolina Forero D.J




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