Double Anniversary at Royal Court

On Tuesday, November 9, the community of Canterbury Hall and Monarch Hall, in Riverview, Canada, gathered for a small celebration in honor of Sister Agnès Thériault who is celebrating her 95th birthday. Since Sister Venetta Roy will celebrate her 97th birthday two days later, the occasion is favorable to celebrate these two birthdays at the same time.

The joy of being together

To do this, we came up with the idea  to have this party at Royal Court, which would allow our neighbors to enhance the party with their presence. The invitation is open to all! Sr. Jeannine Leclerc and Sr. Jacqueline Desroches set out to prepare the celebration.

A time of relaxation and celebration

At 2:15 p.m. we assembled in our community room: some arrived in wheelchairs, others with their walkers; everyone is present and in good spirits…We sang “Happy Birthday” to our two “Stars” of the day and then shared the snacks, not forgetting the traditional birthday cake.

To celebrate a birthday is to remember the day of our birth, an important day in the lives of people and on this particular day, of Sr. Agnès and Sr. Venetta. Despite their advanced age, they appreciated this gesture and especially the fact that the whole large community was present.

Every Sister had the opportunity to offer them good wishes, greeting cards and even small gifts. After an hour, they were happy to return to their room, with hearts filled with gratitude to the Sisters and also to the Lord who continues to keep them in peace on their journey, hopefully towards a future anniversary.

“We set aside times for  meeting … for prayer

and celebration, for relaxation and rejoicing. (RV 25)

Jacqueline Desroches, fj

Riverview, Canada


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