Difficult times call for new answers and new creativity



New situations pose new challenges for us as Daughters of Jesus. Can we be inventive and creative? Srs Adriana and Maggy in Santiago de Chile show us how.


It surprised us; we weren’t expecting it. It arrived and perhaps we weren’t sufficiently prepared. It shook us.


New times! Change, everything changes as the song goes…Change the superficial, change what is profound too, change our way of thinking, change everything in this world… Easter, Resurrection, new Life. New challenges, time to reflect, and ask questions.


We and those around us are in quarantine while nature in all its beauty is free, coming to life again. Even the wild pumas have come down from the mountains to “Barrio Alto” in Santiago de Chile.



How should we respond to this new and urgent challenge?



We can find the answer perhaps in the following examples:




Stay at home, we’ll soon be able to hug each other!



Adriana, who is a teacher, delivering food with a group of colleagues to the most vulnerable children and managing to give out along with her teaching, messages of joy and hope to both students and parents. They invite them to actively apply at home the most important principle in education, namely: the recovering of a sense of humanity and accompaniment in teaching in today’s system where education has become a “market”.






Maggy, recycling disposable plastic bottles to make protective visors and, with the help of another person, making washable cloth masks to offer to those who do not have them. Even this simple item is sold, and there are not enough for everyone.



Called to reinvent our lives


They say that “necessity is the mother of invention.” We also invented heartfelt celebrations for Holy Week at home, remembering that the core of Jesus of Nazareth’s message is: To be a disciple is to give one’s life, to Love and to Serve.




“Let us continue to be bridges of fraternal communion”.



Srs Adriana Lillo Escalona and Maggy Westwood hdj, Santiago de Chile



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