Becoming a Canadian Citizen

Frances Schlemmer, f.j., Edmonton, Alberta, reflects on becoming a Canadian Citizen July 1, 2014

2Frances Canadian cutting cakeI was so touched that all of you took your July 1st Holiday to come and witness the Ceremony of Taking the Oath of Canadian Citizenship, to feast together afterwards and later to celebrate as a Vice-province at the Villa. This told me Yes, I wish to be a Canadian “Filles de Jesus”…you are living at the heart of our Charism following Jesus foot-steps and acting the way Jesus would.

A bit of personal history

I came to Canada in 1989 on a temporary work visa and then requested Permanent Residency from Immigration Canada. This was a complicated and demanding process. Because all our communities closed in the U.S.A I knew I would no longer be able to live in My Country. This broke my heart.

To move on for mission

In this breaking of feelings NEW openings and realities took place. Gratitude welled up from within. It gave me a greater understanding why WE ALL LOVE Our Native Country and our culture so much. Living in a new country does not keep my American roots from deepening and appreciating what I have. It gives me a greater opportunity to reach out and to love my new country. It gives me a new sensitivity to the zeal and enthusiasm with which our Founders were set on fire… to move on for mission. Also, I understand more deeply what it means to belong to an International Congregation.

Frances marche

Letting go means detachment to become free. And that inner freedom requires self-discipline to constantly hear my call to live out my mission each hour. I’ve experienced that the more I let go the greater the blessings I receive.

Thank You, for welcoming me and walking with me on this 25-year journey. I appreciate your trust, love, support, encouragement, prayers, parties, fun, and hope. With Thankfulness I can say I am proud to be an f.j. Canadian Citizen.

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