Corn Boil at rue des Frênes

Sisters Solange, Ursule and Rose-Aimée, Daughters of Jesus in Rimouski Canada tell us how a neighborhood party was for them an example of “the Church going out”.

Last September, a big party brought together the neighbors of Des Frênes St, in the Sacré-Coeur district of Rimouski. A corn boil assembled some forty people: young families and folks of all ages. Of the 19 family properties on this street, people from 14 units are present.

Thérèse and Gaétan warmly welcome us to their home; equipment for cooking corn and hot dogs was already set up for the party. Neighbors added ketchup, marinades, desserts, etc. … to complete this real feast while the children have fun roasting.

Daughters of Jesus present

For several years, the Daughters of Jesus have been living on this street. Tonight, three of them are going to the party. Knowing almost everyone, it is an opportunity to exchange, share and create links with newcomers. What a memorable evening!

Other meetings and various gestures of mutual aid and solidarity followed. Sharing of garden products: lettuce, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Self-picking plums at Hélène and Stevens, newcomers who discover these fruit trees on their own land. How wonderful to see this bountiful harvest distributed to neighbours!

Shared knowledge

Since that day, Sister Solange befriended a young couple who would also like to cultivate their little portion of land; she shared her knowledge of gardening with them and provided them with tools to till the soil. How good it was to be able to help with this project: a very different one from her previous spheres of activity!

We, Daughters of Jesus, are called to associate ourselves closely to the people of our locality and to remain attentive to what comes to birth and is experienced wherever we are. (R.L. 15)  Solange is happy to pass on to younger generations our love of the earth and our joy in drawing fruit from it.

A support

From now on, everyone is giving each other the word to support and encourage our neighbor Félix who is fighting against Shared knowledge; children, often accompanied by parents, meet on a street corner for their sporting activities; birthdays are celebrated in a neighbour’s backyard; a fraternal meal with our neighbors underlines the departure of Rose-Aimée who is leaving us to join the nearby residence of the Daughters of Jesus.

“Blessed are those who see what you see, hear what you hear…” (Lk. 10:23)


Filled with this unforgettable joy, we give thanks for the shared messages of love and hope, the gestures of mutual aid, encouragement and mutual support made daily in following Jesus. Isn’t this how Pope Francis talks to us about a “Church going out”.

“Go God send you…you are in the world, members of one body.” “Through you, he wants to love and meet…, he wants to speak and join…, he wants to heal and console…, save and uplift…, unite and gather…,” (cf. song: Community of the new path).

Daughters of Jesus, rue des Frênes. Rimouski, Canada


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