Congregation Anniversaries 2020


We share with you the letter addressed to the Sisters and Associates of the Daughters of Jesus by the Superior General, Sister Micheline Cormier, on the eve of the launching of an exceptional year “Anniversaries 2020”.




Dear Sisters, Dear Associates,


It is on the eve of this 25th November that I come to you, a day which signifies fraternal communion between us and a day of thanksgiving for the work of God which we remember, a work which infinitely exceeds what our founders and foundresses and our Sisters who have gone before us could themselves have imagined.




In Council, we have chosen this 25th November to mark the opening of an exceptional year of anniversaries in the Congregation which we will celebrate throughout the year 2020. The memory of living pages of history which will gather us at the Source of living water which does not dry up, which restores life to our deserts, and which enlarges in a surprising way the space of our tent.


Throughout 2020 we will be mindful of the human and spiritual experience of Mother St Charles who, even today, gives momentum to the life of our religious family, well beyond all borders. Her anniversary will be a chance for us to make our own once more the heritage she has left us in the here and now of our history, without fear of the time of crisis in which we live, for it is also a time of grace and of openness to the ever-faithful and creative action of God.






The letter which Mother St Charles wrote in 1877 to the Daughters of Jesus of Vaylats, whose origins were in South West France some years earlier than us, in a similar socio-economic reality, already held the seed of the fruits of a pathway of collaboration, communion, union, covenant … More than a traditional New Year gesture, she wished to make contact, to get to know what we call today the charism of this sister-Congregation which she loved already.


Could not the anniversaries of these special links created through pathways of union or covenant with the Sisters of Mauron,






of Auteuil :





and of Vaylats :





be opportunities to continue to let ourselves be enriched by their spiritual patrimony, opportunities to know each other better, in communion with the one Source?


The Associates :


The Associates, our brothers and sisters, of which the first groups already have nearly 40 years of existence, celebrate their anniversaries at various times, according to the year that each group was founded. They reflect back to us splendidly that common source which nourishes us all and which brings us together from beyond our respective charisms :


To care for, teach, accompany,

to come to the help of those in distress,

in great simplicity of life,



this is to will together

to follow Jesus in his humanity,

to live God’s tenderness in Jesus,

to accompany what is human,

entirely human,


to live in thankfulness

for the ultimate gift of self

given in Jesus.


(Cf. Reference Document of the Associates)


All of us are called throughout this year, to times of sharing, reflection-renewal, celebration, with nearby groups or in community or family … Each Province is invited to choose the activity which suits it. The proposals, initiatives, and contents can be shared on the website, the bulletin En Liaison or by other means.


May this year of anniversaries open new horizons for us today, strengthen our fraternal and missionary links in a solidarity without limits. May it strengthen our faith in Him who journeys with us, there where we did not expect Him.


The Sisters of the General Council join me in wishing you, for this 25th November which will mark 185 years since the foundation in Bignan,


A Happy Feast of the Congregation!




Together in thanksgiving,

Your Sister, Micheline Cormier,

Superior General of the Daughters of Jesus



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