Closing of the International Meeting 13th July 2015

Sending out of our superior general


Dear Sisters,
You have just lived a special time of meeting together. Arriving from different h
Mie Thse Quéréorizons, you have come to recognize that you are « Sisters », part of the same family. Putting aside your differences, you have placed your steps in those of our founders and become aware of the legacy that they have bequeathed us.
You feel yourselves called to continue to live out together the adventure that began in this small corner of Brittany almost 181 years ago now. This morning, I confide that task to you.

Yesterday, in the first reading, we heard the witness of Amos : « The Lord took hold of me and said to me : « Go, you will be a prophet for my peclôture rencontre internationaleople Israel. » Let yourselves be seized now by Christ and become prophets, as the Daughters of Jesus have been, as Perrine Samson was, for the peoples to whom you are sent.

God speed !

And all of us, let us « embrace the future with hope », as Pope Francis asks us to, knowing in whom we have placed our confidence. With our younger Sisters, and stimulated by them, let us journey on so that we may continue, together and with others, to write the book of life of our family, the Daughters of Jesus for our day.

Marie Thérèse Quéré, Superior General

13 juillet 2015


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