Christmas Eve in the church of Fumel

On Christmas Eve 2023, the Christian community gathered in the church in Fumel, France, to celebrate the Nativity in a new way.

The setting

As we entered the church, we were amazed by the twinkling stars.A large star, 2 m x 2 m, descended from the vault to hang above the creche, like the star of the wise men, inviting us to accompany them!

The choir and the pillars were also decorated with a thousand stars made by volunteers.

The Christmas story

The following tale enabled us to enter into the celebration along with the angel Gabriel and a child looking for the light.

The child wanted to keep the flame to himself, whereupon the flame went out.

The angel told him:

A flame always goes out in the end, that’s its nature. The only way to keep it alight is to share it.“, and he added:

You mourn for the flame you lost, but have you ever asked yourself how it came to be born? If you let me guide you a little to the land of the very first flame, I will take you there.”

The flame suddenly reappeared in the palm of the child’s hand and the angel continued :

It will guide you to Bethlehem, the land of the first flame, the source of all the lights that shine on our earth.”

But Bethlehem is a long way off… my flame is still in danger of going out.“, the child replied.

Gabriel continued:

Nothing will happen to you if you don’t forget to share it on the way with everyone who crosses your path.”

And so, the child passed on the flame.

Entering into the celebration

The church gradually became brighter as the light was shared. This time, it was the crowd that beamed with joy, welcoming the Child with this song:

“Let us lift up our eyes, to behold the true light.

Here is Christ who gives us peace.

Let us open our hearts to his mercy,

Our Saviour is in our midst!”

Sister Michèle Esquieu, dj

Libos-Monsempron, France


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