Choose life in dispossession or renunciation

Renunciation and dispossession are essential in our lives. Mrs Francine Giguère, an Associate of the group “Yvonne Forget” from St-Boniface (Vice province of Three-Rivers, Canada) shares her experience with us.

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Dispossession can hurt

Each day we experience loss, at times suddenly, while others come quietly, with the passing of time.It is very difficult and uncomfortable to live with. At the moment of dispossession, I admit, it is easier to express revolt rather than to accept. We get discouraged, go through several negative emotions. We are human after all, we fall and it is difficult to get up again. Fortunately, with faith in God the Father, we are able to let go and place ourselves in His hands. With his will, his grace, his divine power, and our personal efforts, we rediscover our dignity and a new breath of life to continue our journey.

Voluntary renunciation

After a certain distancing, preceded by prayer and meditation, voluntary renunciation brings us positive sentiments. This regenerating sensation restores life in us; it brings a beautiful serenity and an agreeable feeling of well-being.We become aware that in renouncing false needs, we am freer and have the advantage of more time and space.

Choose life or let ourselves die

Sometimes dispossession is so difficult there is only one solution for it: putting an end to the suffering to find relief. Losing that which is most precious is a hard blow to accept. Sometimes, we can work our way through it, but at other times it is so intense, it is too much for our capacity.

One day I had a great loss. I fell on my knees. I was crushed, I lifted my eyes to heaven and I cried, “Lord, Lord what do you want me to do?” My life line at first was prayer, followed by the support of my friends and my family. My children were the main reason for me to fight. For them, I chose life; my love for my children is stronger than death. I placed my life in the hands of God and God did not abandon me. He had a vision and a plan for me. To rise up again I had to listen to Him, be patient and have faith in His love.

Hand in hand with Christ, the faithful companion

Looking back, our life takes on a new meaning. Our values change and our actions become kinder and more disinterested. We are the first beneficiaries of this change. The Lord knows how to recognize authentic love. We give and often, without asking, the Lord gives us in return and without limit.

Today, several years later, I can only confirm that the vision and the plan of God was the most beautiful path for my spiritual evolution and my happiness. We can make of this renunciation a journey toward the Kingdom hand in the hand with Christ, the faithful companion.

“By this awareness, Lord, help me to walk on your path so that at the end of my life, I may leave in legacy the love that you, yourself left me so that I may give in return. Amen”.



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