« Charity at the service of the Gospel »

The Young Catholic Student movement (JEC) of the arch-diocese of Bouaké (Ivory Coast) organised a mini training camp at the end of February 2014 at BROBO where the Daughters of Jesus are present. This meeting brought together 161 people (young people and their leaders, plus a chaplain). Sr Hortense Hounnouga from the community of Daoukro and counsellor of the group from her parish, gives us a brief overview of the camp.

Le groupe JEC du diocèse

Le groupe JEC du diocèse

Living out charity

The diocesan office had asked me to talk to the young people on the theme of “charity at the service of the Gospel”. I took pains to develop this theme by drawing out two aspects of charity:

  • the charity which has its roots in the human solidarity that should exist between all men and women
  • and the charity which, while still human, lets the love of Christ and of his Father for the human race shine through.

La causerie  « la charité au service de l’évangélisation »

Réponse aux questions

Réponse aux questions

Following my intervention, Sr Madeleine MENIER and I replied to their questions. We had stressed the positive influence they could have as young people in their school environment by living out this charity that reveals the tenderness of God.

The diocesan chaplain, Abbot Donald WALY then emphasised the re-motivating of the movement in an energetic presentation using the well-known method of “SEE, JUDGE, ACT”, and this, by following Christ.

At the end of the camp, I am very happy to see how the young people want to live out the Gospel in a tangible way, adapting it to their context. At the same time they recognise that it is a chall

Sr Hortense et son groupe

Sr Hortense et son groupe

enge when, faced with unemployment, they can be tempted by corruption, dependence, and welfare assistance. However, they are really determined to take their future in hand, by living their period of studies seriously and by being “salt and light” in their

high schools and colleges.

Lord, may you be blessed for these steps towards the future !

Le groupe dans l'église

Temps de réflexion





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