The assembly of the African province in Cameroun
pays en présence

pays en présence

The communities of the African province met in Cameroun from the 27 to the 31st of December, for their annual time of prayer, sharing and reflection.

43 sisters from Cameroun, Chad, the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo were present.

Two newly professed sisters share their experiences of this assembly…

The different moments of the assembly included:

• A day of recollection animated by Sr. Henriette Danet, on the theme « Who are you Jesus ? »

• A day of formation for all the superiors of the communities by Sr N’guessan (Congregationof the Xaverians)

• Group sharing on the different values of our founders that identify us as Daughters of Jesus

• The reality of the province

• How the province functions with regard to the accounts and the solidarity fund of the congregation

• The experience of Sr Amandine in Haiti

valeurs vécues par nos fondateurs

valeurs vécues par nos fondateurs

Sœur Marina Ntsandi de la communauté de Mvolyé au Cameroun

“At this my first assembly, it was my joy to discover the functioning of certain structures in the congregation namely the accounts and the solidarity fund, as well as to meet other sisters of the province. I was happy to participate as secretary for a day. I was struck by the number of elderly sisters who continue to work, and to be of service to the people and in the parishes. Their presence is a support for us in everything.

My need at this time is to have a good formation which will permit me to have a professional status. I feel that this is important, indeed necessary, for our African province as, when I listened to the presentation of the sisters’ activities, I became aware that the majority are either studying or have an indemnity rather than a salary.

Amandine en Haïti pour le projet

Amandine en Haïti pour le projet

Sister Amandine’s beautiful testimony on Haïti helped us become aware of the reality of life in Haïti and of the work carried out by the sisters and people of Cabaret.

This brings us closer to others and opens us to realities that will spark off in turn other creative initiatives for more human dignity.

I summary I hold on to the thought that our African province is young and carries in her the desire and the concern for the future of the Congregation. It was us, the African sisters, who expressed ourselves the most. Our elderly sisters are aware of our needs and never cease to support, guide and advise us. In turn, it is our duty, as young Africans, to produce the fruit that will allow the work of those who have gone before us to continue while at the same time to take into account the needs of today and the calls we hear around us, and why not in the world.”

Sr Anh Nguyet Marthe (Vietnamienne) of the community of Soa

« I first of all thank the Lord for giving us this privileged time as a province.

As I was participating for the first time at a provincial assembly I very much appreciated the recollection with which we began. This allowed us to begin work in a fraternal and serene ambiance. I was delighted to get to know both the young and the elderly sisters. I am happy and proud to live in this province, because we are of different generations and nationalities. It is very beautiful! Thank you Lord.

valeurs vécues par les sœurs

valeurs vécues par les sœurs


I very much liked the way in which the values lived by our founders, and our communities, was presented. It was lively and spoke to me. I was touched and questioned by four values: faith, proximity, humility and compassion. They stimulate me in my desire to become more and more a Daughter of Jesus.

I thank the Provincial, Sr Marie-Thérèse Retho, the councilors and all the sisters for welcoming me into this province which is so rich.”

groupe des sœurs en Afrique



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