At last – News from our Sisters in Dominica


Since we sent you last week’s message, one of our Dominican sisters has succeeded in communicating with us by Internet. The sisters are holding up well but, like all of their brothers and sisters on the island, will need courage and hope to get through this hard ordeal.

We rejoice with our sisters that no-one in their families has been killed. All of them however, have suffered considerable material losses. In one of the villages where the family of one of our sisters live, there are only 4 houses left standing.

Demande d'aide pour la Dominique après l'ouragan Maria 2017

At the moment when our companion wrote, international aid had begun to be deployed but the desolation was palpable. The government had prioritised water, food, assistance to people, communications and clearing the roads. Aid efforts are going on all over the country but access to certain areas remains difficult.

The government is continuing to make appeals for international aid in order to help the country get back on its feet after this natural catastrophe.

Our sisters thank you for being there for them.

They ask us to continue to pray for them, for their families and for the people of Dominica.

Since the passage of hurricane Maria through the Island of Dominica, you have been able to listen to, read or watch information on this subject. We leave you with this video which speaks for itself. You can find it on

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