A Memorable Aniversary

The 15th November marked the 5th anniversary of the arrival of the Carmelite Sisters at the Accueil Notre Dame in Three-Rivers, Canada.Anniversaire Carmel

The sisters wanted to express their gratitude by bringing the 2 communities of the Daughters of Jesus and Carmelites together in a festive supper.

It was a moment of beautiful fraternity and enriching exchanges on the life-story of each one of our companions : Sisters Denise the prioress, Huguette, Anne, Cécile and Marie-Thérèse from Cameroon. Admiration showed on the face of each Daughter of Jesus as she listened attentively.

Sister Denise the prioress, read to us with emotion this text written by the Community :


Prieure du Carmel

“Very dear sisters, it is very pleasant for us to bring to mind with you the 15th November 2011 … But how can we ever express our gratitude for your so warm and generous welcome? … It is very difficult for us to find words worthy of our gratefulness!


That evening in particular, you brought to life for us the regard, the gestures and the attitudes of Jesus in our respect. So much thoughtfulness, so much compassion, never since refuted. They will rest forever engraved in the our heart’s memory! (…) May the morning Eucharist always be the place of our covenant, for today and for the time that God wishes.

With all our gratefulness!”

In my role as animator of the community of l’Accueil Notre-Dame, I wanted to respond to these greetings, recalling that the arrival of the Carmelite Sisters among us has been :

  • An adventure lived in faith, mutual respect and reciprocal adjustment
  • A witness of enlarged fraternity that could encourage other experiences
  • An enrichment for us through the Carmelite spirituality

We are happy to have them with us and willing and ready to continue the experience. We are on the right road.

les 5 ans du Carmel


To us all, GREAT HOPE !

Lucie Larouche, f.j. Trois Rivières Province Canada


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