An other style of Annual retreat

In the inspiring and peaceful context of nature and with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, eight Daughters of Jesus made their annual retreat without an animator given the difficulty of finding a facilitator for such a small group.


For a second year in a row, this event took place at our cottage in Cap de Cocagne, New Brunswick, Canada – this year from the 24th to the 30th of August: a time of prayer, of solitude, of recollection.


Testimony of some retreatants:

What an experience! Six days of silence, calm and serenity, but also of confrontation with the Word. Two books – Bergers demandés by Rita Gagné and A Shepherd looks at Psalm 23, by Phillip Kelly, helped me remain in the loving presence of the Good Shepherd. I was also challenged by the acceptance of our differences, and all it demands.

Dora Bourgeois fj

Bathed in an atmosphere of calm and silence, listening to the music of the waves and the sea, in admiration of the splendid colorful sunsets, taking in the aroma of Marie Saulnier’s delicious meals, how could one fail to recognize this God of love, who day after day showers us with so many blessings! Once we have experienced such restful days, pondering the word of God how could I leave here if not filled with joy, determined to take care of our planet and to share my new insights with others. How great is our God who gives us so abundantly… his love, his tenderness and compassion.

Jeannette Cormier fj


These retreat days took place in the splendor of nature overlooking the sea. My companions edified me by their silence. In their comings and goings their smiles demonstrated their inner peace. All of us have been captivated by the Word of God and eager to listen to the One who so often speaks to us in mysterious ways. Our responses to the Lord’s invitations overflow in a somewhat contagious joy for the happiness of those around us.

Jeannette Pelletier fj


Three little words describe my week: peace, silence and nature – three factors that helped me to be more present to the Inner Presence. I pray that this grace continue in my daily life.

(Author wishes to remain anonymous)


Our Acts of the general Chapter 2016 remind us that: “To be born again from the Fire of Love (cf. RL 2), to allow ourselves to be confronted by the challenges of our time and to collaborate in new projects with a faith which is prepared to take risks, we hear once more, insistently, the need to go and drink at the Source.” AC 2016 p. 6


Catherine, Cormier, fj Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada


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