An Evening Tribute to our “Builders

At the Lokia Residence in Three Rivers, Sr. Yvonne Gélinas told me about a celebration of gratitude that she experienced.  I will share with you some very interesting facts in reference to this celebration. 

Brief History

On February 23, 1992 in the sector of Three Rivers known as Adélard Dugré, Sr. Yvonne opened a house to welcome and assist young primary students with their lessons and homework. Some parents in the area also attended in order to complete their academic knowledge. Sr. Yvonne took the opportunity to propose some basic human formation that can be applied to daily life.

This small project will grow

Sr. Yvonne coordinated this project along with some fifty volunteers. With the passing years this modest project will develop and offer a variety of services adapted to the needs of local residents.


On February 4, 2023 “the Maison Coup de Pouce” celebrated its 30th anniversary and paid tribute to its builders. More than 50 volunteers took part in that meeting. On this occasion two Daughters of Jesus received “a special recognition of gratitude” for their active participation in this innovative project. Their implication greatly impacted the quality of family life in the area. This referred to Yvonne Gélinas who instigated this project and Sr. Georgette Beaudry who took over after Sr. Yvonne left and pursued it for a few years.

Its future

Today, in 2023 this project has greatly expanded thanks to an overseeing team that ensures its smooth functioning for the greatest benefit of those interested and engaged in it.

Congratulations to our 2 Sisters who were decorated … and rightly so!

Yvonne and Georgette “associated closely with the people of the locality in all simplicity, collaborating with others, in so far as they were able, for the betterment of all …” (R. L. 15)

Sr. Angèle Lépine f.j.

Three Rivers, Canada


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