An afternoon of songs and music with our elderly sisters

On August 26 at the LOKIA Residence in Trois Rivières, Québec, we had a wonderful afternoon of music and song in the company of two sisters from the community of les Filles de Jésus: Sr. Agnès, French and Sr. Amandine, Ivorian.


The sisters of the Oasis sector (Infirmary) were able to enjoy this event as well as Daughters of Jesus and Ursulines from other floors who gathered and participated. For the first performance there were 17 people (prosthetic 2A) and 14 participants later (at 1 A). The sisters got involved: some sang while others clapped.


Two cultures


French-born Sister Agnès played the guitar and sang alongside Sister Amandine, an African who sang and played the tam-tam, an instrument of her region. It was the meeting-place of languages and cultures… so to say. We even enjoyed a beautiful duet performed by both of them… in all simplicity. Added to that were stories and anecdotes that created an atmosphere for jokes and story-telling.


Three Cultures


The sisters …all Quebecers, were attentive, asked questions ….their eyes wide –open, ready to participate in the singing and in welcoming other cultures.

We thank our artists: Sister Agnès and Sister Amandine, the attendants who helped move the Sisters, and the two organisers : Sophie Brousseau and Kassandre Morin!

Bye for now; see you next time.


Kassandre Morin, in charge of activities. Trois Rivières, Canada


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