A visit from the Boys and Girls Club

In mid-December some members of the Boys and Girls Club of Riverview Canada came to visit us here at Royal Court.

The main purpose of the organization

This Club provides safe places where kids can be themselves and participate in fun programs aimed at building their skills for school, physical activities, teaching them also about good nutrition and helping them develop healthy relationships. It also provides a support system that parents can rely on — providing mentors, meals and meaningful life experiences for these young folks.

Along with a few Animators, in the spirit of Christmas cheer, some 25 boys and girls aged 6 to 12 came to sing Christmas carols for us elderly folks.  The children had also prepared in advance a drawing that they offered in the context of a Christmas gift. For some reason that day I arrived late. Upon entering the hall I saw a little boy of perhaps 6 or 7 years old reaching out to offer his drawing to someone. I quickly approached and took his paper with an expression of gratitude. I examined his drawing: a small snowman on one side of the paper; on the other side he had written his name and drawn hearts and a smiling face.

A change of heart

After they left us I returned to my apartment holding the drawing I had received. My first reaction was to tear it up and throw it away. Somehow I couldn’t do that: a child had drawn something for me and given it to me as a gift. I had to honor the giver and the gift.

So with reverence I placed it in full view and every time I looked at it I prayed for that little boy as well as his parents and from now on, will continue to pray for them. Wouldn’t that be “to honor the Sacred Humanity of the son of God” (RV   #3).   This has been for me a call to continue to be attentive to the daily little realities of my life in the here and now.

Joyce Brochet fj  

Riverview, N.-B, Canada


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