A time to celebrate

While still young, they dreamed of giving their lives to the Lord and even of going on a far-away mission. And it’s now already 60 and 56 years since they have been in religious life and many of these years have been spent on Cameroonian soil.



“How good it is to celebrate our God;

how beautiful to sing his praises!”



On this day, May 12th, 2020 during this confinement period, our young DJ African Sisters along with some aspirants to religious life, were gathered in the community of Mvolyé in Cameroon, around our four elderly Sisters to celebrate their anniversary of commitment in the Congregation. These were: Jeannine Le Strat, diamond jubilee, Jacqueline Brégardis, Patricia Pellerin, and Elizabeth Monvoisin 56 years of consecrated life to following Christ and our founders.


Indeed, we had to underline these many years of “Honoring the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God” (Rule of life, no 3) according to the grace of their vocation. Time has passed without altering their youthfulness and their happiness of heart which is still as bright as a diamond!


We, the younger ones, are so proud to see these elderly Sisters as living and precious stones for our religious family and especially for our African Province where they have given their best years, concerned like Jesus was to lead humanity to the Father.


As they related the story of their initial call, we were deeply impressed by their inner freedom! A life of love, as one said “to do everything out of love, to love with one’s whole heart; to develop our heart’s treasure… which is love.” Very moving testimonies that amazed us! How could we not want to follow them and experience the same joy of belonging to Christ and the Congregation and be able to sing:


“May my whole life give glory to God!”


Thank you, dear Sisters, for being just who you are for us today.


Sister Chrescence Beyala, dj


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