A time given to us

The Sisters of the community of Monsempron Libos, in Lot et Garonne, tell us what they are experiencing at this time.


As you know, we have been three in community since the end of 2019: Marie-Noël, Jean-Marie, and Jeannine. We are lucky to have the shops at our door, so we only have the parking lot to cross, and that is almost empty! This means we can go shopping without any problem but of course, we go with the authorization paper in our pockets. The police are present, and it is better to avoid paying the 135 € fine imposed if you are found without an “attestation”.


Supporting people in different ways


These days of confinement have given us the opportunity to experiment with new recipes, and to receive or make phone calls to friends or to numerous elderly people who are isolated. We cheer them up and ask them if they have Internet. If they have the latter and are interested, they can receive news from the parish and especially the little word of encouragement that Father François Gerfaud writes to us. This is accompanied by a letter with texts for our reflection. They can even have a prayer said for them if they wish. We register them with Thierry, who is in charge of communications in the parish. We also give them the links so that they can watch KTO, the Catholic TV channel on their computer.


Another way of celebrating


At the community we had the Eucharist on March 19 for the feast of St. Joseph, and on March 27. On Holy Thursday we celebrated with the two priests, the deacon and his wife in church, with the door closed, likewise on Good Friday. We mustn’t forget either, the live Mass from Rome, celebrated by the Pope Francis at 7 am. We also entrust our intentions to our Lady of Libos.


A time to contemplate nature


In the afternoon, we usually take an hour’s walk, each going her own way. This gives us an opportunity to admire nature, to discover new paths and to get acquainted with neighbours whom we greet from afar, to admire their gardens. It is also the time to share a text proposed to us by the Province, or to dialogue starting from an article from the Cross, Life or other magazines, while we drink a cup of tea.


We are privileged


Of course, as for many, we find some days are long. On these days, we take into account our chance to be in good health, to have the sun, to hear the birds who are starting to sing again. We brighten up the house with geraniums or benefit from beautiful programmes on KTO. We do the housework or go and sit on a bench at the edge of the river Lot, 10 minutes from the house.




Srs Marie Noël, Jean-Marie, Jeannine, Libos, France



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